During this talk, I will introduce the 4-issue zine project about VPN services. How it started, what were the resources, what each zine covers and inspiration references. So I will also show examples of other tech zines that use similar style and aesthetics. Few words about each zine:

Tunnel UP/ Tunnel Down covers an introduction about what is a VPN and its main characteristics, namely authentication, confidentiality, encryption. https://psaroskalazines.gr/pdf/fanzine-VPN-screen-en.pdf

Troubleshooting OpenVPN covers the best practices for installing and running OpenVPN, and how to debug the installation. https://psaroskalazines.gr/pdf/fanzine-openVPN-screen-en.pdf

Tunnels and smartphones covers what to consider when using third party VPN services, and how to enable VPN services on Android, F-Droid and iPhone. https://psaroskalazines.gr/pdf/fanzine-vpn-mobile-en.pdf

Tunnel and backups with a raspberry-pi covers how to set up a VPN server behind a residential router setup in a pi, and how to use such a VPN for remote backups. https://psaroskalazines.gr/pdf/fanzine-pi-vpn-en.pdf

If you find the project of interest, and would like to translate it for your feminist collective, hacklab, or group, we will give access to the gitlab repository hosted by the systerserver.net that contains the text, images and the design templates. Get in touch during the talk or email hi@psaroskalazines.org