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A cyberfeminist performance by members of VNS Matrix and others earlier this year. Link in comments. One of the texts:

"31 years after Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto led an exodus from the divine to hardware
183 years after Ada Lovelace, Enchantress of Numbers, summoned analysis where before there was only difference
67 years after Christine Jorgensen split atoms and became gender ground zero
15 years after VNS Matrix’s Cyberfeminist manifesto declared each mainframe a clitoris
5 years after Maria Alyokhina showcased the feminine rage and resilience that will not be snuffed out and will be heard.
15 years after the CCRU escaped institutional lockdown to turn their asylum inside out on upon world
32 years after Rose Kolodny, Steppin’ Razor, was ectogenetically birthed into the sprawl, hanging garden of Chiba-Babylon.
21 years since Sandy Stone donated a body part to Linda Dement’s Cyberflesh Girlmonster and made the machines restless
11 centuries since Hildegarde von Bingen, the Sibyl of the Rhine, sang the songs of the blood in theological code, prophesy, activism, and cosmology
10 years after VNS Matrix’s Bitch Mutant manifesto became a tender hex at 25 Gregorians.
12 years after Silvia Federici’s Caliban and the Witch celebrated the resistant classes of vagabonds, paupers and the rest of those with enough magic to burn
14 years after Lisa Nakamura jammed the ideology-machine with race-as-bug, articulating critical recombinant mattering as a disruption to cybersocial hygiene identity tourism.
45 years after Ursula Le Guin exploded communist utopias in The Dispossessed
62 milliseconds after the ghost of Poly Styrene pushed hair from your ear and screamed silence into your plastic bag mind
19 years after Sadie Plant’s Zeros and Ones traced the almost literal thread from computation as we know it today, woven into our world as it is, back to its gathering across a
Jacquard loom
32 years after Octavia Butler broke the dawn on xenogenesis
8 centuries after Jeanne de Purcelle heard the Voices
35 years after Theresa Hak Kyung Cha dictated both contradiction and positive construction.
3 years after HER multitudinous proliferations and endless love
4 years after Shulamith Firestone died alone
27 centuries since Sappho scribed her mysterious agendered hexecutables on Lesbos
22 years after Critical Art Ensemble released The Electronic Disturbance into the noosphere
37 years after Laurie Anderson held us in her petrochemical arms, her military arms, her electronic arms
45 years after Wendy Carlos showed with a single procedure that moving Bach into the world of synthesis was also to move gender into the world of synthesis
199 years after Mary Shelley symbiotically birthed the modern Prometheus.
122 hours after Amy Ireland drank wine in Berlin and revealed the hard poetic intricacies of fuck knows everything relevant
Time unknown before and since Laboria Cuboniks, speaking as no one in particular, broke nature’s nature with xenocoded alienation, making monsters that speak in tongues of code and plastic.
1 lifetime after your mother bit through your umbilical and said into your red face REDEEM ME
Inestimable time before and beyond finitude, climate change hurtling us all towards a singularity the extropians didn’t imagine…"